The biggest lesson I’ve learnt through facilitating people has been that although people’s stories are all beautifully unique, there is a sameness in each person’s emotive experiences. I’ve designed a process that allows anyone, no matter what they’re processing to move from where they are to where they want to be.

The crucial ingredient is creating the condition for the transformation to occur. For example; if someone is feeling powerless and wants to begin stepping into their power; they need an environment of strength – strength in this example, is the condition. A brilliant facilitator knows the power in allowing an exploitative space of the individuals within it to draw their own conclusions. In mental health specifically, I feel it’s less about telling someone what to be; rather allowing them to understand that they are not their story; and to facilitate them into a space of newness

Depending on your level of comfortability around personal development, we host several different types of events, from short workshops, to full day seminars and retreats.


Keeping Us Connected Thru Story Telling

On the surface they appear to be separate, but underneath mushrooms are all connected to one another through a network of linking roots. Through this network they are constantly communicating to help each other survive, spreading information and sending nutrient to areas in need. Much like mushrooms, the human experience is a similar story. Despite appearing as separate individuals, we are all connected to one another on a deeper level, and like mushrooms, the health of one of us impacts the health of all of us.

I believe that in the world we live in we’ve lost the ability to connect and communicate with one another, and as a result many of us have come to the belief that we are alone, isolated, and seperate. Once a month I will be hosting sacred nights of story telling, where each person is given the chance (but not obligated) to voice their story while having the full attention and acknowledgment of those around them. Through the simple and sacred method of story telling, we can begin to connect with another on a deeper and much needed level.

Full Day Seminars

Choose Love: Full Day Seminar 

In a world where fear is being promoted to us in every direction; the sensibility of being cautious, watching your back, beating others to the finish line; is causing us to lose our connection to our very nature.

Love is not only our nature, but it’s a demonstration. There’s key ways we can learn love, and connect to the vibration of love inside of us; so we can begin consciously creating our life through the lens of love.

Over the past decade, I’ve gone from battling the demons of mental ill-health; to travelling the world spreading my message of love and connectedness to over 300 international communities, and 250 000 people. I’ve listened, researched and observed the similarities between all humans; our need for acceptance and belonging. I’ve served the Commonwealth as the youngest ever National Mental Health Commissioner, influencing our government to design more community based, person centred systems. Working as a facilitator and consultant for 7 years, I’ve decided it’s time to begin building my own community and family; starting with my local community.

Over the course of the seminar, I’ll be sharing with you my insights, wisdom, tools and deep understandings of love; both scientifically as well as philosophically. It will be an incredible day, and an entry point into life-changing methodologies to help transform your thinking, your heart and your life.


Love Out Loud Retreat

We’re currently in the process of arranging retreats to be held in Northern NSW around April 2018. If you’re interested let us know so we can estimate numbers.