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The Book

#LOL Love Out Loud [A Millennial’s Guide to Enlightenment] is my first book. It’s a personal account of my own journey of finding my way back to love, as well as a guide to help you figure out what Loving OUT LOUD really means to you. The book is designed to help you make tangible the elusive feeling of love, and to help you create your own road map to get you back home.

The Online Course

The Love Out Loud Online Course is a unique program designed to help you shift your mindset and learn to Love Louder with just 15 minutes a day. The course includes daily videos and challenges that take place over 9 weeks. The program has been developed after 7 years of working in the mental health sector and listening to the stories of over 250,000 Australian’s. It’s an interactive and fun platform that simplifies the process and really enables people to create change in their lives.

Choose Love.

International Speaker and listed in the Financial Review’s Top 100 Most Influential Women.
At 21 I was appointed the Australia’s Commissioner for Mental Health,
and now I dedicate my time uniting communities, shifting corporate culture, and empowering individuals
I give a language to the deeper things we feel as a collective and am
fighting to unite humanity through understanding, love and empowerment.

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Author encounter – Nicole Gibson (Love Out Loud)

by City of Gold Coast Libraries
Free event, register here

My very first impression of Nicole was very powerful. Nicole is deeply immersed in her work, and her ability to powerfully influence others to play a part is evident. Nicole is unstoppable and consistently operates from a “glass half full” mentality. She has the ability to operate at a high level in many landscapes. Nicole has a remarkable capacity and intelligence to navigate people forward

Rhondah Whitaker Former Program Director, The Foundation For Young Australians

I first met Nicole Gibson at a professional development course organised through my workplace. Nicole was first to speak. I remember being in complete awe of her. As a now second year teacher I have listened to many guest speakers and never have I felt both a professional and personal connection to any of them. Nicole's personal experiences I felt were invaluable. In the coming weeks after her presentation I made contact with Nicole and now participate in coaching on a regular basis. If you ever have the opportunity to participate in one of Nicole's presentations I have no doubt it will be a very powerful experience.

Chloe Foster

Nicole Gibson is an incredible inspiration to all who get to cross her path. Her delivery of broad concepts is tangible and welcoming into the best version of yourself. i would suggest that any kind of meeting with Nicole would be a great gift to yourself, and your community. i have a lot of gratitude for meeting this amazing woman!

Melanie Manwana

I am a social worker on the frontline of mental health services and for years now I have followed and listened to Nicole Gibson speak about her experiences and what is needed to create more wellbeing in our society. I can absolutely say that Nicole’s words have transformed the way I work with people and she is the most powerful voice of her generation on issues such as mental health, building community capacity and most importantly how to connect with ourselves and others authentically. Listening to Nicole speak or do a workshop will transform your life and it is about time she stepped on to the world stage. She speaks my language and she is our modern messenger of love and peace.

Anna CrommelinSocial Worker at Healthy Australians

There’s few people in this world who really give a damn. And there’s even fewer that have the ability to make others give a damn. Like really give a damn. I’m talking next level give a damn. I’m talking next level soul touching, humanity loving, peace driving, brain energising, freedom giving, give a damn. Nicole makes you feel like you are important, and that you matter, and that you're worth giving a damn about. And she makes you feel like what you believe in, love and trust is important and matters and is worth giving a damn about. I have a dream for dream is that she is the one that causes change in our world like nobody else can. And I know she will...

Craig BurnsDFUS Author & Founder

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