A Letter to Humanity

//A Letter to Humanity

A Letter to Humanity

I want to write truth. Piercing truth, truth that sears the edge of my page and tears through the walls around your heart. I want to write truth so powerful that, by some stretch of the imagination, my fingers can leap through this keyboard and rattle your shoulders, shocking you into waking up. And maybe I can’t find these words, not because I can’t feel them or connect to them, but maybe it’s because I never learnt them. Maybe I’ve never experienced that conversation, or read that poem, or interpreted that piece of art. Maybe I’m so frustrated because only I hold this truth, and I need to find a way to bridge my heart with yours. I feel helpless not knowing how. I feel useless and pained and tortured. I wish you could see how wrong you have it. How “getting it together,” is simply just putting aside everything that is you. I wish you could see that conformity is a con. I wish I could take you above the earth so you could look down and see how small and precious our time is, and how living a life for others is an un-lived life. I want you to see how giving up on your dream at 6 years old was not only declaring war between your head and your heart – but contributed to the wars we see on our planet. 

I wish you could see and feel how powerful you truly are, how each decision of yours impacts our universe in far greater ways than you will ever comprehend. I want you to realise, once and for all, that the tossing and turning in bed at night as you lay awake simmering on your regrets, isn’t just torturing you. Everyone feels this. This isn’t something you can burry deep in the confines of your mind and lock away – because one day, an explorer is going to come hunting down the corridors of your mind with a flashlight, and bust the lock open – one day it will be exposed and you’re going to feel the pain of an unaddressed wound. Maybe I’m that explorer for you. Maybe these words will be the trigger to have it all surface. I want it to – like a river stream caught in a storm – I want all that has been ignored to come forth with tremendous speed – so fast that no wall or dam will contain them. You must heal. You must face your truth, and be broken down so that you may be reborn. This isn’t a plea just for you, but it’s a plea for everyone – because it begins with you. If you want to change another’s life – you must first face yourself.  

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