All Time is Now

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All Time is Now

All time is now – that’s why I feel this way. I awaken to ‘zen’ state and it feels peaceful – but it also feels chaotic. As the duality becomes the oneness – my head holds on tight to relativity – in a desperate attempt to understand what I’m experiencing. My heart doesn’t need to intellectualise the oneness – it IS the oneness. There is only love. And it is in these moments that I realise all else is just a subtext of love. The anger, greed, jealously; it’s all us moving closer to understanding love. Without it, our head wouldn’t be able to understand. It needs the contrast. It’s here I begin to see that everything is perfect. It’s all happening as it needs to. We are here to simply allow our experiences to unfold. So as I move into this place of completeness – I move between two realms – the realm where I experienced everything; hate, fear, loneliness, abandonment, jealously, greed, pain, entrapment, insecurity, happiness, fulfilment, excitement – and the realm where I experience nothing. I experience peace. I experience nothing and everything simultaneously. It’s the ultimate contradiction. Yet it’s perfect.

We are contradictory beings by nature. It is paramount. My solution to the madness is to breathe. Just breathe. Allow it to wash over you. Understand that you do not need to know everything; because you are already all-knowing beings. You are complete and perfect consciousness; and yet you are one of many; incomplete. You are both. Our languages will never be able to express a higher perspective of who you are. It is not an intellectual concept. Nor is it a matter of the heart. It is both; together, simultaneously. Science is both wrong and right; as is philosophy and spirituality.

Just let it all go – trying to find meaning in the madness will never have a destination. We are forever expanding. That process, that way of life, could be likened to chasing the carrot on the treadmill. All time is now. So, when you surrender completely, to everything all you’s, in all moments, will become healed. The suffering comes from holding on – controlling something that doesn’t exist. Attaching yourself to the past and the future. There is nothing to control.

Peace (and chaos) x

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