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//An Artists Mind.

An Artists Mind.

Have you ever wondered why those who are ‘successful’ will tell you that success is bittersweet? It’s a complicated thing to explain. Ultimately, it’s because when you find the thing that will fly you to success – the thing that will make it feel effortless to sacrifice all you ever thought you were attached to, you’ll realise that this also what has the power to destroy you.

What you love will eventually kill you. “Bitter-sweet” is a term to explain the paradox, the irony, the contradiction of our existence. The search for love – the meaning of life. We will search for love in so many different ways. Why? Because everything is love. Love is everything. We are continually searching for something that always has been, will be and is there. How pointless, yet meaningful. How exciting – yet completely redundant.

Those who are deeply creative begin to notice their own reflections in the world around them – the begin to use whichever art they practise, to explore what they already know as themselves. They rediscover and unpack their very nature again, and again and again. What makes someone brilliant, is not the process of effort; but is merely surrender. Surrender all that they are. They stop searching, stop seeking, and stop intellectualising.

In these moments you are not nor alive, nor dead – just simply are. You are everything.

It’s in these moments that you realising the love you were seeking all along, will be the reason you no longer have a purpose to seek. What you love will destroy you. What is certain will eventually lead to entropy – and what was taken through the process of destruction will be reborn. This cycle will never stop. When an artist immerses themselves in a piece of art, they break themselves down into nothing; then they give themselves away. It’s a completely selfless, and yet completely selfish process. It’s a process of discovering themselves in order to give themselves away.

Sometimes I’ve been so taunted by my own creative mind that I’ve wanted shut it down forever; but at the end of the day, the opportunity to find beauty in even the most ugly of situations is something that I would never change. We are all artists, and ultimately life is our canvas. So find love. Explore it. Surrender to it. All you are doing is exploring yourself. Exploring what you already know yourself to be, just different faces of it. Find love again, and again and again – and when you lose it, commit to rediscovering it with an open heart.

Personally, I’ve found a love lately like no other and my whole world has transformed before my very eyes. The intricacies of life have jumped out at me in the boldest colours. My insight and enquiry has strengthened and deepened more than it ever has. What a love to behold <3

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