Be Chaotic and Raw

//Be Chaotic and Raw

Be Chaotic and Raw


1. the existence of an individual human being or animal


1. lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder

Supposedly, entropy is meant to come during the destruction of life. Ha. Life is not an organised ecosystem in my opinion – but then again, I question my own sanity regularly. Life is a complete mess, it’s complete chaos. Luckily, though, quantum proves that even in seeming disorder, an identifiable pattern exists.

I interpret this as love. Love is the driving force behind everything – and love can be the most destructive force known. People have murdered millions in the name of God, people have taken their own life after losing a loved one, love has the power the turn your skin inside out and make you stop breathing. Love is also the only force that can transcend hate. What people don’t understand is that they mistake love; they view it the way they’ve been taught. They step away from their true power (their hearts), and lead a life that’s dictated by their minds.

People, even when people destructive, whether or not they realise, are chasing love. By pushing away their loved ones, by hurting themselves, by lying to be accepted; all of it is their pursuit of love – but their lack of authenticity simply comes down to their feelings of worthiness- their level of self-love. We are constantly trying to understand love, even when it’s unconscious – because that is what we’re made from. The star-matter that made us, the energy and ebbs and flows through the universe – it’s all love. Love is our way of interpreting all that we are – and our connection to everything, our portal to deep wisdom and our vehicle to drive through adversity. To experience love fully, we must strip back everything we believe is our “identity”, and stand naked in the midst of a chaotic and cruel world and say to the universe; “I am worthy, I am worthy of love.” We must become raw and vulnerable. In this we can fully experience true love, and not our misinterpretations of love.

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