Be real with love

//Be real with love

Be real with love

Find someone who understands you’re depth
Find someone, with whom you can be still and silent,
Because this will make it clear that distractions aren’t necessary when you’re with them.
Someone who you feel comfortable baring yourself with,
Someone who you can’t hide from,
Someone who will hold you accountable to your souls truth,
And who will love you the most when your shadow immerges.

Find someone whose touch heals you,
And whose energy lifts you.
Someone with who time means nothing,
And whom patience comes naturally.
Someone who you can’t help but be gentle with,
And whom you will never have to apologize to.

Someone who can make you laugh,
When the world is telling you life is serious,
Someone who uses humor,
To bring light to your darkness,
Someone who you can have an unspoken conversation with,
Someone who sits in your heart,
Instead of who makes sense in your mind.

Because love is sense-less,
It transcends you,
It will take you above and beyond your sight, taste and touch,
It will sore you to new heights,
And give you the power to move mountains,
And gather stars.

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