You Are Born Alone, And You Will Die Alone.

//You Are Born Alone, And You Will Die Alone.

You Are Born Alone, And You Will Die Alone.


Walking the fringes of the universe isn’t an experience that can ever be intellectually understood. It’s a physical sensation; much like walking a tightrope between two buildings would be. When you’re out there, there’s no one around to grab on to or show you the way. Your own personal skill and self-assurance are the only tools you have in your toolbox. It’s unhelpful to listen to people shouting at you from the building windows, or expending energy asking for advice. It’s you against yourself.


Those who dare to travel to the fringes of consciousness are the brave souls who dare to lead. Not this hyped up, exaggerated, ‘feel good’, idea of leadership; but genuine leadership. The sort of leader that has no one else to follow. The leader that is pathing a path never seen, walked, tested or validated. And, they’re doing it alone. To some degree. For a short while, it remains a lonely path – as no one else can follow until it’s properly built.


As you continue your journey to the edge, you’ll find that not everyone has the endurance to walk beside you. The ones you love and trust most, as they begin to lose oxygen, will project their own doubts and fears onto you – to survive. It won’t be conscious. They’ll mask it as love, and protection. Worse, they’ll believe that it is; even call you ungrateful for not listening. Yet, only the wisest know that man will act in self-interest when it’s his own flesh on the line. The further you walk, the more truth you see; the more transparent people become. The more you realise the reality; we are born alone and we die alone. We are our primary relationship. We can have great loves, fierce loves, true loves; but we will never completely unify with them.


There are two truths; our totality with everything, and our totality with nothing. There is no middle ground. Our mastery is to become whole within ourselves, so that we may be whole with all that is. We expend so much energy trying to shift and change others, to complete us. Yet they are a mirror of our internal world.


I sat on my floor this morning reading Osho’s philosophies. He so perfectly articulated it; the outward world is a mirror. When we dance in front of a mirror, the mirror appears to be dancing back at us. If we choose to then sit in front of a mirror, the mirror sits with us. It has no concept anymore of the dance we shared with in. It is now sitting. It’s much the same as our consciousness; once we awaken to it. There’s only ever this moment, and its reflection; and our choice to dance, or sit, or sing, or frown, or smile. The world will remind us of what we are choosing, in all moments, with no concept of what was previously.


A leader understands their power to disrupt. To create new worlds, new reflections. To invite those that mirror them into a new reality, into new levels of actualisation and enlightenment. Care to join me? That, or, preoccupy yourself with creating your own.

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