Bullets Always Leave Their Mark

//Bullets Always Leave Their Mark

Bullets Always Leave Their Mark

Behind the bulletproof vest,
There is always penetration,
Impact of accumulation,
That’s hindered the elevation,
Of so many that disguise their fears,
In a low vibration,

Through consuming and reaching,
Irrespective of their teaching,
They reach for the world beyond them,
Not to serve – but instead to take,
Attempting to feel whole, never learning from mistakes.

If only they’d look from a different side,
And take a moment to swallow their pride,
To see that wholeness was always there,
It’s not a limited supply we need to share,
It’s all around us, all the time,
But they way we are living is becoming a crime.

Ignoring the abundance,
And conforming to a give and take,
Trying to balancing on a tightrope,
Between who we are, and what is fake.
Blinded by a false sense of identity,
Sold to you by a million dollar company,
When will we finally stop and take care,
Of each other’s hearts, to rid of the despair.

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