The only difference between the superheroes in our world, and the villains, are our choices. Close your eyes, take a deep breath. Feel your breath in the centre of you heart – imagine in here is the purity, the light that connects each and every human. As we grow up, and we become more aware of the world around us – we learn quite quickly that it is our job to navigate our own way. Our “compass” (instincts and feelings) is lead by one thing, the direction we choose to take (our intention), and the choices we make along the way. Based on ones choices, you could become the next Buddha or you could spend a life sentence in prison. By embracing this understanding, life becomes seemingly more controlled. Less starts to be passed off as “luck” or “chance” and more starts to be identified as choosing.

When you REALISE you’re in your choosing, you become empowered to make choices that SERVE you, and your highest good. You can choose to respond to situations, instead of react, you can choose to take responsibility and be the captain of change, instead of casting blame and disempowering the situation. You could choose to go to work another 9-5 slog, or you could choose to jump on a plane to the other side of the world. These are CHOICES. The only variables are the ones you create yourself. The direction you choose to point your compass.

Why CHOOSE what doesn’t serve you? WHY? Think of one good reason… “because you have to?” – “because someone told you to?” – “because you don’t know what will happen if you begin making different choices?” I can’t tell you exactly what will happen if you make different choices, but I can tell you this – until you make different choices, nothing will change. Simple. So if you’re unhappy, the only way to become happy is to make different choices. It’s like listening to a song you hate on repeat, hoping that one day you’ll eventually like it. NO! You will never “like” it – you’ll become brain dead, you’ll lose your soul – and from there, you’ll settle. You’ll begin to say “it’s not so bad” – and you would have missed out on ever have experiencing the music that aligns itself with YOUR beat.

As hard as it is to accept and take responsibility for, we are the architects of our own destiny. Point your compass towards excellence – keep it there- and keep following its arrow every day. Don’t compromise because the head wind gets strong, and it would be easier to turn around and travel the other way. Don’t change your direction because you trip over and, for that split second when you stand up you’re facing sideways. Turn right back around and point that compass back to North. It’s your choice. Which ever way you choose to point your compass, will be where you end up. It won’t be a coincidence, it won’t be other’s influence – it will be your choosing. Much like someone who is living their dream, someone who sits on the couch in their old age and wonders why their life never ended up the way they had planned – the law would have worked in the same way. The difference comes down to the fact that one of them dared to dream, whilst the other settled, decided to say “it’s not so bad,” and disguised fear with “logic” and based their decisions on what they thought was “safe.”

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