Connecting and Unifying


Over the past 6 year I’ve worked with over 300 very diverse communities, all with their own varying socioeconomic backgrounds and community cultures.By 2020 mental illness is predicted to become the biggest health epidemic we’ve seen, and my experience over the last 6 years has shown me that isolation is the biggest risk in communities. I’ve seen blatantly obvious correlations between specific areas of people’s lives, and their happiness. I’ve also discovered, through the hundreds of communities I’ve helped develop, that community wellbeing is entirely dependant on the individuals within it.

I believe the answer to our rising rates of mental illness is to unify and connect communities, and to educate and inspire the people within them to become empowered. I believe connection is a skill that can be taught, and those who struggle to communicate are at a higher risk of isolation and mental illness. I teach individuals how to connect, and this is empowering for each individual.

Understanding Community Transformation


The biggest lesson I’ve learnt through facilitating people has been that although people’s stories are all beautifully unique, there is a sameness in each person’s emotive experiences. I’ve designed a process that allows anyone, no matter what they’re processing to move from where they are to where they want to be.

The crucial ingredient is creating the condition for the transformation to occur. For example; if someone is feeling powerless and wants to begin stepping into their power; they need an environment of strength – strength in this example, is the condition. A brilliant facilitator knows the power in allowing an exploitative space of the individuals within it to draw their own conclusions. In mental health specifically, I feel it’s less about telling someone what to be; rather allowing them to understand that they are not their story; and to facilitate them into a space of newness.