Changing the corporate landscape

I work with corporations to shift the environment from disengagement to passion and unification.
My approach is dynamic and tailored to each customers specifics needs based on my own
personal experience facilitating thousands of individuals.

Frequently asked questions

What does your process look like?

An emphasis is placed on ending an existing culture and birthing a new one. I act as the bridge to what was and what you’re wanting through facilitation and exploration. This process of exploration and inquiry involves creating a safe space and container for teams to unify and create a shared vision.

What are the outcomes?

Teams become more inspired and connected by instilling a sense of purpose into the everyday work environment. I help staff to create conscious processes of communication and engagement with one another.

Why is it important for me to invest in my teams mental health?

Mental illness costs our economy $600 million annually in absenteeism due to mental health days. By 2020 mental illness is predicted to be the worlds biggest health epidemic we’ve ever seen. In today’s economic climate, its crucial to consider more than just a single bottom line. Your staff’s well being and connectedness needs to be as much as a concern as your sales.

Considering hiring me for your business? Watch the full video to get a better understanding of the work I do and why I do it.

Corporate Clients