Embodying the Feminine

//Embodying the Feminine

Embodying the Feminine

Yesterday I sat down to do my daily practise of meditation. As I usually do, I asked my heart if I was in tune, and sunk deep into my heart space. I begun to visualise our mother (our earth, our natural environment). I saw her in her beauty, shining. As I went deeper into my practise I begun to hear her cry. She was crying in pain. She was asking me to listen more carefully to her, look more closely at her miracles and her unconditional love. The love that comes from her sun, which shines onto every person regardless of their past, regardless of their connectedness, regardless of their wrong-doings or right-doings. Her ocean that cleanses everyone equally. Her trees that provide oxygen to the saints, as well as the murders and the thieves. She gives to us, always, unconditionally and has never asked for anything in return. But when is enough? When will we finally return her love with the gratitude she deserves, that she craves. It’s not that she expects anything in return, but she’s in pain knowing that we can’t feel her love – or at least, recognise her love.

She can teach us so much about who we truly are. Pure love. A love with will treat everyone equally; as she does with us. A love with will forgive every situation immediately, and practise compassion in the face of hardship and tragedy. A love so powerful, that no amount of heartbreak will cause your heart to perish. A love that will always hold onto hope.

As I sat and listened to her speak to my heart, I brought all my awareness to my chest. I felt my whole heart expand.

It’s time for us to connect to our hearts. More than ever. Begin asking your heart if you’re hearing it. Make it a routine to send love to yourself, and the world, where you feel it’s needed. Here, lies healing. The healing that will cleanse not only you – but our mother.


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