Where in the universe did I come from,
To land here –
I still feel unable to keep my feet on the ground,
Maybe the lost ones will never be found.

How far away is the galaxy that once was home,
How many millions of ions,
How many beats of the heart,
How many lifetimes have I spent trying to remember Who I am – being torn apart.

Spirit, help me feel whole again,
Be reborn and purified,
Let me feel connected to the infinite,
And let go of the lies.

I’m sick of the masks, the facade,
I once thought served me,
That told me to stop being gentle, so I became hard.

Give me the strength to surrender it all,
And let go,
Fall to my knees and realign with flow.
I don’t want the barriers to stand in my way anymore,
Getting tested and pulled  under the laws of cause and effect,
The responsibility weighs heavy on my shoulders,
Heavy on my bones,
Let me go home –

I embrace my insignificance,
And let my mind fall into the waters,
And disperse,
I’m not in control,
And through surrender maybe I will feel whole again,
Maybe I can find home,
Wash away the flaws blocking me from home.

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