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Learn to Love Loudly with our Gold Status program. This program takes you through the online course, complemented by the ebook to help you gain a greater understanding of the course material. During the weekend intensive, you will be guided through an in-depth understanding of the course while we help you facilitate your personal objectives to create a clear inner guidance. Throughout the program, you’ll have the on-going support of the facebook group and your peers. The Celebration at the end of the program will be a beautiful opportunity for everyone to come together and acknowledge one another on their growth to create lasting change that you can bring home with you.

Upon commencement, you’ll have the chance to gain an in-depth understanding of what the course will go through and what it is you want out of the program during the weekend intensive. At the end of the course, all your achievements and growth will be celebrated.


Love Loudest
[Gold Status]


Exclusive 25 spots available

APRIL 21-22nd Weekend Intensive workshop
The course will kick-off with a 2-day workshop on the Gold Coast where you will have the chance to meet the other participants you will be embarking on the next 3-month journey with and will have the opportunity to spend two days getting acquainted with the course material and what you wish to get out of it.

9-week Online course  
Access to the online 9-week program which includes daily videos, life hacks and challenges designed to help you inquire within to help bring your head and heart into alignment.

Facebook group access
Enjoy access to a closed facebook group where exclusive content will be shared specifically tailored for your group. It will also give a space to connect with the other members of the group for ongoing support.

June 24th Seminar and Celebration
Once the course has been completed your transformation over the 9 weeks will be celebrated with the group over 2 days while also providing the space to share growth and learnings.

Who is the Gold Status Program for?

The Gold Status Program is perfect for those looking to enter a new way of thinking and learn the skills that will help you inquire within so that you will always be able to stay true to yourself.

It’s for those constantly finding themselves in doubt and unnecessary patterns.

It’s for those wanting to find clarity through simple and easy-to-integrate practices.

It’s for those wanting to learn how to acknowledge their own truth as well recognise the truth in others.

It’s for those who are wanting to change their current understanding of what’s possible and really learn their potential

It’s for those looking to find deep acceptance in themselves

Read up on the online course 


If you’d like a more detailed breakdown of what topics will be covered, then read up on the online course and understand what type of concepts are explored.

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Love out Loud the Book     value $24.99

Weekend Intensive Workshop     value $600

9-week online course    value $597

Facebook group access    value $500

Seminar and Celebration     value $1000

Total Value $2,721.99


Paid in Full         $1,600
Paid in 3x $600        $1,800


We’d love to have you on board!

If you feel like the program resonates with you, and you really believe that we can help you along the way to discovering your own answers, then please don’t hesitate to contact us! You can either send us an email or call Nicole directly to have a one on one chat to really get clear on the details before you commit to anything.

Either send us an email at events@nicolegibson.com.au

or contact Nicole directly on +61410160109

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