Have We Met Before..?

//Have We Met Before..?

Have We Met Before..?

Have you ever had your heartbroken? Have you ever had a friendship fall through your fingers with no explanation? Has your heart led you astray and made you look at sayings like “follow your heart” as stupid, airy fairy and nonsense?

I think every single person has been there before – but guess what? There’s so, so much more to the story that we DON’T know. More than 90% of our decisions are made from the subconscious mind, the mind that doesn’t necessarily produce conscious thought – that helps you piece together a puzzle, and more specifically, make sense of a situation. There’s karmic charge that’s running around us ALL THE TIME – and how it was created, we might be completely asleep to.
Because there is so much we don’t know – how can we ever choose a truly ‘right’ way to act in the face of hardship, or in any type of situation? You can’t, really. You may want to hate the person that broke your heart, or the friend that ruined your life and screwed you over – but whilst you stew over the hate, you’re missing the lesson that’s moving you closer to LOVE. So I urge you to take a step back from all situations, and observe them with new eyes. Look at the full spectrum – and even though you may never know all the reasons this situation has occurred – you’ll definitely always be able to identify the silver lining. Here, lies an incredibly beautiful gift – and I know, for me, has made me so grateful for the ones that have hurt me the most – and even more, allowed me to keep loving them. Even if this love is silent and ‘unwarranted’ for the blinded bystanders.

People are so ready to push hate down your throat, but please – next time this happens, look at them – observe the way that hate has negatively effected and impacted their lives. You’ll see it as soon as you place your awareness on it. Those who continue to love, those to whom love is no longer a ‘choice’ – but a total embodiment, a way of being – you’ll start to notice the abundance that they draw into their life. There have been times when I’ve wanted to hate so much, when things have made no sense – and the only plausible way I can TRUST that this situation was meant to be, is to have faith in a potential lesson and gift unfolding itself. What I’ve realised is that this the ‘gift’ is immediate. When you forgive, when you’re brave enough to keep loving regardless of a broken heart, you live FREE. You become a warrior, a freedom fighter, an angel, a light, a peace maker, a peace keeper. You return to your natural state of being. Reside here. I dare you <3

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