Have You Ever Read The Secret?

//Have You Ever Read The Secret?

Have You Ever Read The Secret?

Have you ever read The Secret? I haven’t. But I do have a belief in the laws of attraction (apparently that’s what it’s about?). My whole life I experienced crazy “coincidences” – for example, I’d think of someone then they’d walk straight past me, or I’d pick up on my phone to call someone and they’d already be calling. I spent a good portion of my life writing this off as weird coincidences, trying my hardest to not look deeper into it. It wasn’t until these coincidences got so frequent and so un-ignorable, where adrenaline would pump through my body at a million miles an hour; screaming at my mind to listen to whatever my body was attempting to tell me, that I stopped and finally surrendered to an enquiry.
I remember the moment where it all got too much. I was so overwhelmed that I sat down at the restaurant directly next to me. It happened to be a vegetarian restaurant (I had been a hectic carnivore my whole life) (I am now a vego). I simply just sat down on the couch and threw my head into my hands, breathing heavy and trying to get some control over myself.
“Nicole. Nicole. Calm the fuck down.” I said to myself. I breathed deep.
“Okay universe, if there’s something I need to look at here, please, please give me a sign.”
(Just on a side note, not once had I prayed to the universe before).
I kept my head in my hands pleading to find some solutions.
I heard a voice next to me;
“Do you believe in magic?”
I immediately opened my eyes to see a young starry-eyed man sitting next to me, to whom I replied;
“Get… fucked…”
He laughed.
“Were you reading my mind just then?” I stuttered.
“Well,” he replied, “don’t all of us share a single mind?”
He continued to blurt out his life story of giving up his life and travelling the world for several years perusing his music dream. He talked about magic and belief and being in awe of life.
Meanwhile, I sat there shell-shocked. Surely this couldn’t be another bizarre coincidence.
Since then, I’ve begun to realize that coincidence is as irrelevant as Michael Jacksons skin color. From that day I started to redefine coincidence as synchronicity – and synchronicity, to me, is the universe telling me I’m on the right track. The more frequent synchronicity appears in my life, the more I’m aligned to universal flow.
Now. By no means (whatsoever) am I a crystal-wearing hippy, but I absolutely can vouch for the fact there is some substance behind these philosophies. What we put out is what we attract back, what we choose to focus on is what our reality will consist of. And the best part of these philosophies is that it puts us in an empowered place – it puts you in the driver’s seat of your own life. Instead of all those times I told myself, “that was a weird coincidence”, I can now say; “COOL, I created that!” it has given me a whole new lease on life – and an increased capacity and desire to take responsibility for all that is. I look at things now with curiosity and deep analysis, rather then brushing it off as nothing. I sometimes think about all the missed learning opportunities.  When you begin to awaken to this your life will be changed. There’s a voice inside all of us that says; “go here, do this, trust that person, don’t trust that person…” that voice is so intelligent. This is your heart. Your heart is accurate every single time, however this is hard for people to understand because the heart knows no reason. Often following your heart will make little sense to those around you, and even to you. It’s not supposed to make sense. Nothing is. Our very existence is so incredible nonsensical. It’s all nonsense. Do you ever stop to think who the hell we are? A human race with a total God-complex, marking land and putting a fake dollar value on it, declaring boldly “this is my land!”, all the while floating around on a giant rock through our solar system, which is one of billions in our universe. And yet you question why you should follow your heart because it ‘doesn’t make sense’. What the fuck does make sense? That’s what I want to know.
Yeah, I’m still young – and heck, I’m the first to admit I have a lot to learn. One thing I do know, however, is if you continue to burry that voice inside of you, and pass of magic and coincidence, and choose the mind over the heart, you’ll end up leading a very sensible life. And if you’re anything like me, when you have your grandkids sitting on your lap I definitely don’t want to be telling them about all the sensible choices I made. I want to tell them about the time I fell head over heals in love and got my heart smashed into a million pieces, and many years later realised that I wouldn’t have changed it for the world because it made me into the person I am. Or the time I booked a one way ticket to Mexico without telling my boss. Or the time I got really drunk and woke up in a different city. The time I risked all my money to follow a dream. And, when that time comes to share wisdom with my grandchildren, I don’t really care if I’m wearing cashmere sweaters, sitting on marble floors, or I’m barely making ends meet – it’s the spirit that I feel, it’s the love that I feel, that makes that vision mean so much to me.

Following love is our inevitable path – sooner of later we have to return home. We have to remember what it is we truly are. So, you can continue down the path of denial, or you can surrender to the magic now. The choice is yours.
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