How does she feel?

//How does she feel?

How does she feel?

How does she feel when you look back?
What’s she thinking as she’s looking at the ceiling,
Lying in bed, unable to sleep?

Have you done her proud?
Are you creating her dreams?
Are you keeping her promises?
Does your heart beat as fast as hers did thinking about your future?
Or did you let her light dim, and compromise her spirit?

What was it like when things were just a hypothetical?
And there was nothing on the line –
How did it feel when it was always “one day”
Instead of yesterday.
Was it easier to dream big, and be brave?
Was it easier to stand up against the world,
When it wasn’t pushing down on you?

Was it easier to be generous,
When there was nothing to jade you?
Was it easier to have a youthful spirit,
Before you graduated the class of “reality check” ?

It’s easy to get sidetracked,
To undermine the dreams of the child inside of you,
But at the end of the day – when they had nothing,
They had everything.
They had clarity of thought – and purity of intention.
They knew what you’ve forgotten.
So find them, and keep their promises.
Otherwise, one day, you’re going to wake up and realise,
That all you think you had, doesn’t really mean anything.

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