How To Win a War

//How To Win a War

How To Win a War

Many men have won war through strategy;

Knowing where to hit, when to move, how to play –

Empires have been built through power dominance,

And law has created compliance through (en)force(ment),

Battles have been won through victory,

And elections are won through degrading the other side.


In knowing this, how can we simply just be? Is it not a matter of fighting for what we believe? Or is it the practice of patience, solace, gentle silence; that allows the world to be drawn to us? I’m constantly trying to balance the two. Knowing when we move, when to play – and when to let it go, and know that there’s nothing to win in the first place. I try and balance presence with active creation. It’s such a fine art.


This week I’ve spent time injecting a rural community with a little more love. I noticed the way some of the locals were so hungry for change; I observed their tenacity and their will at their continual pursuits – regardless of progress. It’s when I see this that I wonder; “should it really be that hard, to help a community feel good?” “should it not be easy, to make life easier for people?” “Does it not seem counter-intuitive to fight for peace, and grind for ease?” Yet so many of us get stuck in this mindset. Work now, play later. Can we not play and work, simultaneously? What separates the two? The actually activity, or the mindset?


We all have things that impact our headspace; the way we see things. I have massive triggers around rejection, loneliness, failure; but I also understand that it will not serve me as a person to avoid circumstances where I risk being confronted with these triggers. The pain of experience is temporary; the lessons learned and strength grown is infinite. It will burry itself in your spirit as you continue to grow. There’s so much we can’t put a strategy to. I can’t plan for the variables I experience in my work; whether it’s a cancelled flight, or it’s disinterested community members. I can’t change the environment I run my workshops in (all the time) – and I can’t control the personal triggers of my participants. No amount of strategy will prepare me for this, but that doesn’t mean I can’t ride the wave to a positive outcome. When you’re in the surf, you can control your footing but you can’t control the wave.


I feel we are beginning to evolve beyond a society of enforcers. I feel we’re fighting against the need to fight. More and more of us are seeing our right to just be. We must be the change we wish to see; happiness spreads happiness, sadness spread sadness. Inevitably, it’s our personal investment that shapes our experience. Sometimes knowing your choice feels like a war; and the fight is directed inward – the fight for stillness. We’re full of weird dichotomies. We like to play, but hate to be played. We like to have a plan, but love being swept up in spontaneity.  There’s no real answer, other than to balance it all. For every great idea, there must be action. For every push, there must be a pull toward something else. Fall in love with the distribution of it all.


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