How Illusiveness Can Create Tangible Outcomes

//How Illusiveness Can Create Tangible Outcomes

How Illusiveness Can Create Tangible Outcomes

It seems a little nonsensical, right? How can being illusive generate strong, tangible outcomes? I’ve learnt through my life that flawing the accelerator only jerks the car. Yet, to be easy… fluid… creates a smooth and quick gear change. How does this relate? Many talented people run onto the field with no consideration of the obstacles. They lack strategy, they lack awareness of their surroundings.


The more I observe how the universe works, the more I see that the let go, the relinquishing of the push (control), gives the universe so much more space to provide what it is we’re asking. Don’t move towards resistance, don’t push into resistance (not even with positivity and hopefulness) – simply take a step backwards, and instantly you’ll see it more broadly. You’ll increase your perspective. You’ll allow the universe more space to rearrange things in a more desirable way. It’s like a dance; a man must lead the woman, however he must equally respond to her. Our relationship to the universe is no different. We must lead with our intention – and keep our compass focused on the direction we wish to travel – however, we must also respond to the conditions. Sometimes there will be storms, and rough seas, and heavy winds; in which case we’re better off taking shelter (momentarily) until it passes, so that we may continue venturing forwards with little resistance.


I am never not navigating my dreams, steering my ship. There are times I must anchor and wait for the conditions I can’t control, to ease; but I never stop. Others tend to interpret this as illusiveness. I’m there, and not there, all at the same time. I’m assertive and passive. I’m fast/responsive, but also patient. It’s the balance. It takes mastery, and practice and whole lot of trusting your own impulses. And that’s exactly why it’s beautiful. Your internal GPS system is the only one programmed with YOUR dreams as its destination. Don’t take directions from someone else.

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