Is it really TOO hard?

//Is it really TOO hard?

Is it really TOO hard?

Is it really too hard to eat well? Is it really too hard to spend an hour a day loving your body? Is it really too hard to say no to your friends that want to go out on the piss every week? Sometimes health is the most crucial thing we take for granted, until we no longer have it. Think about it this way; how can it really be “hard” to look after yourself? Looking after yourself is the greatest expression of self love. Nothing makes me more upset than the constant advertising suggesting that your perfect body is only 9 weeks away – and this is because our bodies are forever changing. The body we had yesterday is not the body we have today. In fact, not one single cell in our body is the same as it was 5 years ago. Crazy, right? So there’s no time frame to building your perfect body; there’s simply just every day and the choices you make right now. Be mindful about what you’re putting into your temple, be thankful and consider what it took to get the food to the table in front of you. Love yourself by understanding what nutrition really means.

I hear a lot of people tell me about their ‘cravings’ – if you were properly nourishing your body, cravings would be a far away concept. The aches, pains, negative thoughts, headaches, fatigue, depression – a lot of these issues that people wear as ‘normal’ during their day, come down to their lack of understanding about self-nourishment. This isn’t just food, it’s a general awareness about our bodies. Treating yourself with the respect you deserve, after practice, will be something you adopt because it will become innate. It will not be hard, it will not be temporary. You will begin to built a platform of knowledge to be at your very best mentally, physically and emotionally to then go and tackle your big goals, and big dreams – rather than worrying about the smaller issues.

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