Is your life really SERVING you?

//Is your life really SERVING you?

Is your life really SERVING you?

I used to think that schools were the most toxic place. This was for lots of reasons; because you’re so far removed from nature, because you’re in constant competition with your peers, because there’s no room for creativity. People used to tell me; “it’s good training for the real world.” Funny, isn’t it? How others teachings really do stay with you and begin defining how you see your future. Schools are shockingly similar to ‘the real world’ – when you think about it. But does it really need to be like this?

People’s cynicism really interests me; why are we telling our young people AT ALL what their life should be looking like? All this is doing is stopping their flow; and preventing them from seeing their strengths and their talents. Boxing people, labelling them – only creates a separation within people. If you’ve got a square, you will never fit it into a triangular hole. This is what we are doing to our young people. There is NO mould that they should strive to fit. This is not what life is about. It is not about forcing ourselves into environments that make us feel unproductive and worthless. Often it’s not even about looking 10 years in the future – it’s about seeing what is aligning for you right now. If you’re so focused on deadlines, or what others think of you, or what’s for lunch – you’re missing the signs. Pay ATTENTION – magic is created simply by following the path that is calling out for you. It’s begging you to wake up to it. It might be scary, but realise that this is PURELY because you’ve been taught there’s only one way to live your life. NO! Life has twists and turns, and bumps and laughter and tears etc. It is filled with everything! It is filled with experience. Don’t become a drone. Do not let it happen to you. Stand up against it if it’s trying to suffocate you – and be brave. With courage comes growth. Courage is the calling of the heart. It’s love knocking on your door. It’s making your heart beat faster – equipping you with all the energy you need for the journey.

Your life is yours to live. It’s YOURS. Your dreams are not intangible. They are no impossible. They simply aren’t. Don’t let fear tell you they are. It’s fear using impossibility as an excuse. It’s an excuse so that you never have to face those demons. There’s one thing I can guarantee you about your demons; love will always prevail. Superhero stories taught us this. The LIGHT will always win against the dark. This is because you are innately a LOVING being. You can never, ever be something you are not. The closest you can come to this existence, is through burring you head in the same, or putting earplugs in your ears or a blindfold over your eyes and pretending to not see the truth. Just because the truth is ignored, does not mean you can escape it. Nothing anyone ever tells you needs to determine who you are, or where you are going.

You are your greatest teacher, your wisest guru, your best friend, the love of your life. YOU are all of those things.

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