Knowing our place

//Knowing our place

Knowing our place

Since I was young I felt an immense responsibility. It felt like I had someone constantly pushing down on my shoulders. The feeling was unexplainable, because in reality, I had nothing to stress about. I came from a good family, I had one of the world’s best educations, I had a beautiful home, 2 big brothers and a mum and dad. Despite this, I always felt like I had to quickly figure out a way to change the world. I remembering turning to my mum when I was about 7 and saying; “Mum, I’m meant to do something really big with my life,” and she laughed, dismissively. As I began to grow up, I started to be deeply effected when I saw my friends struggling, or I saw commercials telling the stories of world poverty. I had an empathy that everyone else seemed desensitised to.

As the force inside propelled me to begin building something that would make a change, I begun to struggle with finding my balance. Throwing myself 1000% into what I was doing, left me chasing an idea of perfection that didn’t exist. I begun to soon see, that we must find balance in loving ourselves, then loving others.

Once I begun my endeavours with The Rogue & Rouge Foundation, I began to see the reality of our world. I saw the mental health issues first hand in our regional and rural communities. I saw the apathy, the mistreatment, the shifting of blame, the lack of hope, the lack of support, the tears, the brave faces, the secrets behind closed doors. As an objective bi-stander, I got to witness first hand what I so deeply felt growing up. I soon realised that there isn’t “someone” that was going to come along and help – that the reality was, that person was me.

The thing is YOU really are the change we need to see in the world. Use me as proof. Despite everything – despite how my life “should” have gone. My life should have been set – I ‘should’ have graduate uni, got a real job and been set. But Instead, I write this blog under the stars in the middle of nowhere. I’m writing this blog after a day of listening to the Australian’s that struggle most, and give what I can to make their lives a little richer. I feel more wealthy than I ever have. I feel like the responsibility that I felt on my shoulders growing up was for a reason. Follow your heart, follow what your body is telling you – regardless of the logic. My life really makes no logical sense a lot of the time. I’ve gone from sleeping at the Ridges, to sleeping in my van. I’ve gone from shaking hands with the royal family, to a slum in a third world country. Life is about giving. Life is about looking for wealth in ways outside of money. Life is about rich experience. Don’t be the people I see passing the blame to someone else – even if you have played no part in creating the problem. Be apart of the solution. There’s a whole wide world out there, and it stems so much further than the family you were born into, or the school you went to, or the clothes you wear. Trust me <3

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