Love, shit. You know why I believe in energies larger than myself? You know why limits and time don’t really make complete sense to me? Because of love. Love is so unreasonable. Love has no excuses. Love has no boundaries – it cannot be reasoned with, or justified. It cannot be contained and it cannot be sensible. It cannot be rationalised, or stopped. If it’s really love you cannot grip the reigns and stop yourself from falling. It challenges ideas of space and time; because it doesn’t know distance, nor time-span. Love rules me like earths gravitational pulls rule our moon. Once you awaken to it – you cannot ignore it. Surrendering to love; becoming completely raw, vulnerable and exposed – this is the sign of a true warrior. When warriors go to war, they wear armour. Imagine the courage it would take to go onto the battlefield without armour. This is what love asks of you. It asks you to expose yourself and give yourself 100% to it. It will take you over and consume you. Love has no conditions, and… love plays the fool.

Osho, one of my favourite philosophers once said; The fool is someone no one wants to be. The fool is someone who trusts. The fool is someone who gets betrayed, and trusts again. He gets robbed, and yet he still trusts… he gets taken advantage of, and still, somehow, trusts. The fool doesn’t seem to make sense. BE the fool. Let those people steal from you, take advantage of you, allow them to betray you – for they are the ones that are poor. They are the ones who see lack. Continue to trust – BECAUSE, what is truly yours, can never be taken.

People say there’s a fine line between love and hate; I challenge this perception – for I believe love is all there is. There is no line between love and anything. Hate, fear, jealously, anger – all of these are a face of love. They bring us closer to understanding what love is; by demonstrating what love is not. Love is unconditional. Love cannot draw a line between itself and anything. If you find yourself justifying, or reasoning; you sure as hell know this isn’t love…

I see people do it all the time;
“Oh, but we’re so compatible – we’ve already been together for years – our lives are so entwined”
“It pays well… and my boss isn’t that bad”
“My body is ‘good enough’ ”

STOP. You deserve more than this. You deserve unconditional love across all areas of life. You deserve to fall in love with what you do, the person you’re with – but most importantly, you deserve to fall in love with yourself. You serve more than “this will do” – why settle? WHY SETTLE… when your very nature is infinite. You are so much more than what you think you are. You’re so incredibly powerful, so incredibly MAGIC. You are LOVE. That is your nature. That is why we chase it. I see so many people trying to justify their lack of love with money, status and power. It will never fill that hole. Those who know love, know themselves. Those that the world call the fool, are the wisest of all – they understand who they truly are. They understand their existence. It’s your JUDGEMENTS of the fool that take you further away from yourself. Love is a challenging reflection – when it appears in your life; it brings up all of your conditioning, thoughts and fears that are out of alignment with love. You might try and hurt it, destroy it, push it away – but know you can never escape from who you truly are. The world is mirroring you. When love enters your life, embrace it as the part of yourself it is.

You don’t need to chase love – you ARE love. YOU ARE ALREDY IT. Repeat; “I am love. I am infinite.” ¬†Allow yourself to be what you already are. If you are in your head, you are not in your heart. The longest journey ever taken is the 15 inches from the head to the heart. Love yourself, and the world will move with you.

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