My Best Buddy

//My Best Buddy

My Best Buddy

My best bud is pretty cool. She’s here for me whenever I need, unconditionally – her spirit is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever met. She loves unconditionally. She knows how to give and receive perfectly. She lets everything go and remains present, always. She even comes surfing with me.
See, when my little pup became my best friend something really changed in me – it was subtle, and it’s not until now, when I can look back in hindsight, I’ve realised the true lessons she’s taught me. It was about the time I got this little bub, that I gave up eating animal products. Through a series of events, and my new found connection with my animal friend – a gateway was unlocked in me. I begun to see, feel and experience how animals truly are a gift to us humans. Unfortunately, we rarely return the favour. We abuse their beautiful, giving spirits and spit on mother nature in the process. We consume our body weight, probably 10 times over, in animals every year and don’t even think twice.

When I gave up animal products, it was more than a bond with the animal kingdom that I could start to formulate, it was a spiritual awakening in itself. I started to become more aware of how my decisions, choices and actions effected the world around me. I started to detach from my 5 senses, that I was so incredibly tied to (toxically so), and see the true possibilities of my existence. Seems pretty farfetched, right? A little bit too hippy? I would’ve said the same 2 years ago.

I started to observe how those who remain attached to their senses; taste, smell, touch, sight and sound, can often choose this attachment to benefit them, even if it’s at the expense of others. If it’s not sitting down to an animal that died in vein for you, without any appreciation or gratitude on your behalf, it might be stepping on someone to own more material possessions, or it might be that you’ve been driven by the wrong intentions when it comes to a prospective partner. Whatever it is, there is more to you and more to what makes you happy. The people in my life, and I can proudly say I feel I’m also being the example of this now, that have detached – and place more importance on the collective, than they do their own gratification, are actually happier more fulfilled people. They don’t chase, and hunt down, happiness – it’s drawn to them. They are able to be content in the now.

Growing up, my appearance was my number one struggle; I hurt myself and others to reach the goals I thought would make me happy. I was tied to this physical experience. I body was damaged, my soul was abandoned and I was alone. I made unconscious actions that hurt the planet. But now I know better. My best buddy is pretty wise, hey? It’s amazing, when you stop relying on verbal communication – and really feel what the relationships in your life have to teach you – you’ll begin to awaken to truth. You’ll begin to see you for who you really are; an all loving, all knowing, perfect being.


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