Nature Always Stays The Same

//Nature Always Stays The Same

Nature Always Stays The Same

Today I went back to the park I used to go to as a kid – to sit and think. It was the first place where I remember thinking about changing the world. It was the place I thought about boys I liked, and teachers I hated – the first place I sat and thought about my Dad on the other side of the world and where I dreamt about my first kiss. It’s funny to notice just how much I’ve changed in 15 years – and how this park, the water, the rocks and the trees were all the same. The only thing that had changed was the distant Gold Coast coastline. The manmade constructions. Man loved to build, loves to ‘develop.’

What does it mean to develop? “grow or cause to grow and become more mature, advanced, or elaborate.” I wonder sometimes if we actually do this – or we just are fooled into believing that we do. Have we REALLY matured, have we really advanced? It’s funny that the older I become, the more I make an effort to stay connected to my inner child. I feel that the highest level of maturity is to have no expectations, to free yourself and free others around you – to awaken to the fact that there’s no certainty – and there’s nothing to really ‘control’ – allowance is key. When you’re a kid, you have no expectations because every thing’s new. I strive every day to see the world through new eyes. To practice curiosity, to treat everything (even the mundane) as an adventure. I take a ‘leaf’ out of natures book and strive to be content – realise that growth is inevitable – a tree will keep growing (regardless of it not consciously thinking about growing), a flower will come in and out of season – nature will inhale and exhale effortlessly. The thing is, so do we – but we get caught in our minds – we get trapped by our pasts and we expect things for our future. You are nature. You are natural. 

In this park, I don’t resonate with the new found skylines – I resonate with the grass, the birds, the trees and the water. I feel the same as I did when I was 6 – and yet I’m so much more “mature,” so much more “advanced.” What I really want, is to adopt the grace of the natural world. That’s when I feel at home, that’s when I feel gratitude. 

Advancement is great, but what are we advancing to? A world that’s even more removed from nature? A world where we become even more isolated and confined in concrete, and surrounded by technology. It’s in nature that you get the chance to feel who and what you really are – you are given the opportunity to daydream and imagine the highest possible idea for yourself. ‘Develop’ yourself in a different way – remember who you are, and know that sometimes that’s enough – that you don’t need to ‘build’, that you don’t always need to ‘construct’ – sometimes all you have to do is simply BE and humanBEING.

Sending love to the world x


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