Oi, Wake Up!

//Oi, Wake Up!

Oi, Wake Up!

Oi, you. Yeah, you. Did you know that you’re writing the story of humanity, right NOW? Did you know the future of existence lays in your hands, and your mind, and your heart? Did you know that with every action, you’re putting pen to paper and writing the history of the whole entire universe? Do you have any comprehension as to how significant that makes you? How magical and miraculous you must be?

Did you know that I am a part of you? And that the only thing that separates us is 0.01% of space filled with matter? Have you ever thought about how bizarre it is that we, together, and individually, can contemplate existence? That we can contemplate life? Which means we must not be this body, or this life, or what we perceive to be reality? Did you know you are actually infinite, and eternal? And did you know that deep down, I, as well as everyone else, in fact – all of consciousness, loves you so unconditionally that you cannot do wrong? Have you ever wondered how existence continues to move forward, regardless of our judgements? And how this actually demonstrates how judgement-less existence truly is.

When did humanity stop believing in our own magnificence? When did we start consuming our magic minds with meaningless distraction and judgment; our magic hearts with resent? When did we start thinking more about what annoys us about each other, the minute differences, so much that we stopped seeing our sameness? How the code of our feelings does not discriminate depending on race, or religion, or age, or sexuality, or culture? How did we stop seeing that our hearts are the same and that our blood is connected?

Brother, Sister, please remember. Just for a second, close your eyes. For one second, dig deep and remember. Let your mind sift through all the programming – let it blow open; allow it to let go of all it “knows” – and REALISE the truth. The nothingness, and the all. When you let go of your beliefs and your learnt ideas of wrong and right, when you let go of the rules and segregation of information; you will feel the truth. And you will finally know home. You will actualise the miracle that you are.



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