The trick lies in the ability to step back, but also take a leap off the edge,
To be inquisitive, but also completely trusting,
To be grateful for the day, but also for the night,
To understand the lateral, but also the literal,
To comprehend the logic, and embrace the magic,
To connect to the creation, and identify the deception,
To be grounded on the earth, but touch the sky,
To enquire, and also be required,
To respond, but also ignore,
To be confident, but also humble,
To speak your truth, without confrontation,
To be artistic, but understand the science,
To be loud, but also be in silence

Life is about finding the oneness,
And balance on the tightrope between the two.
With balance, suffering can no longer exist,
If you’re out of quilter,
It’s because you’ve fallen victim to the wrong-teachings of our world,
Where we are taught to relate,
Instead of connect,
Which means we see one or the other,
Instead of the whole,
We see “us and them”,
We see “day or night”,
But what lies above the day and the night?
What lies between you and me?
There is more. There is completeness.
There is a higher ground, and a deeper perspective.
Notice this,
See beyond your narrow paradigms,
And recognize that the wholeness exists only though acceptance. 

This would end our ways,
This would end our religions,
This would end our bleeding and hurting,
Our isolation and segregation,
Our broken hearts, and our broken dreams

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