Our Lucid Dream Gone Too Far

//Our Lucid Dream Gone Too Far

Our Lucid Dream Gone Too Far

This lucid dream has gone too far,
It’s become so complex,
That people have become perplexed,
In where to turn, or what to do,
To seek out change, and embrace what’s true.

We’re caught in the confines,
Of another perspective, allowing it to define,
Our views, and now all the beings,
Can no longer access the healing,
Of love and hope,
Because we instead stop and choke,
On the static and rubbish,
That’s constantly published,
To dim down the light,
Of each of our potential, creating apathy toward the fight,
Of justice and peace,
We’d prefer to lease,
The second hand opinion,
Of the media,
Rather than go inside and wonder,
How we feel,
Of what we innately know is REAL.

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