Paradoxical, Life.

//Paradoxical, Life.

Paradoxical, Life.

It’s funny,
How the chase will never end,
When you’re seeking to find a destination,
For the act of seeking,
Will never lend itself to an end.

What a paradox this life is,
We’re walking contradictions,
With fixations on the answers,
Instead of feeling content in a glorious limbo,
We choose to feel contempt,
And strive to move away from this purgatory.

You’ll be happier when you realise,
That this is simply, that.
A middle ground,
And you’re never here nor there,
Coming or going,
You constantly just are,
Just being.

How ridiculous – to feel we can control,
An infinite world we will never understand,
For there are far more galaxies and stars,
Than we have braincells.
And as each cell fills,
We feel we’re becoming wiser, smarter –
But really –
We can only see the truth when our brains become emptied.

When we are in the nothingness,
We then will see our true nature.
Neither here nor there,
Coming or going,
Literal nor lateral –
Just is, just are –
Not heaven, nor hell –
In acceptance of our purgatory –
Then our wars will seem silly,
For there are no sides,
There’s no box to think outside of,
There are no rules – only conformity, only choice.


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