Passport #PA2278954

//Passport #PA2278954

Passport #PA2278954

As I sit on my AirAsia flight I lean my forehead against the window and stare out to the horizon. I’m taken by the beauty, the mountains of clouds leading their way out of the earths atmosphere, the rays of light zigzagging across the sky lighting earths floor. I think about the number of days the sun has chosen to rise, and set and rise again. How many people it’s shined on, how diverse and different each of their stories are. The sun does not discriminate. It will choose to shine on the sinners as well as the saints, without judgment or a request for anything in return. I marvel at its power to simply exist, and to love. I watch how the whole landscape fit so perfectly together, without a need to be defined – it is only us that must seek its definition. I’m overcome with a feeling of peace. My mind is at ease, as I accept and appreciate what I see without a need to understand, rationalise or define it. No depth of enquiry could ever really help me understand how the world came to be what it is, considering all its intricacies and dimensions.

I turn my head away from the window, and observe a young girl playing with her passport. I look at the codes, the numbers and the money sticking out of her plastic holder. I laugh momentarily to myself. The more I see of the world, and the less I detach from this need to define myself and my existence, the more I see how so many of us are trapped within these masks of identity. Am I are Passport Number PA2244Z9? Am I really Nicole Gibson? Am I really a sum of the dollars in my bank account? Or is this a way for others to define me, to make sense of me, to help themselves relate to me – in turn, shaping the way I relate to the world?

We are handed a list of numbers and codes to help establish our existence in the world, and so often we accept this without even questioning whether or not we could be more. Much like the beauty of the expansive skyline, our potential does not stop at the farthest line we can see – nor do we have to discriminate based on the identity others have been given, or created. We can travel so much further than our eyes can see. We can continue to grow and expand an indefinable amount – if we allow our minds to open, if we stop restricting ourselves. The most powerful forces are the ones that are completely free – the one’s that do not need intellectualise their existence – who instead just ‘are’. We are beacons of a powerful light, much like the sun, but through every label we hide behind, every mode of identification we attach to, we are barricading that light. We’re putting roadblocks between the universe and us. We are creating a smaller and smaller lens in which to view the world. The choice is yours.

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