Please, LISTEN to the silence in between.

//Please, LISTEN to the silence in between.

Please, LISTEN to the silence in between.

Please, listen to the silence in-between,
the static, and the lies,
wake up to the truth and wipe the slate clean,
it’s time for our global intervention,
there’s no time to watch the condensation,
rise at the rate we can’t ignore,
willingly watching our heroes fall to the floor,
because they’re too worn out,
and too exhausted to shout,
the words that continue to fall on deaf ears,
yet they hold the solution to our tears.
Love. Who would’ve thought?
Especially when it goes against everything we’re taught.

I’ve spent too many hours,
itching and hurting,
watching how the worlds powers,
preach love, yet discriminate,
teach truth, yet continue to hate.
I’m sick and tired of seeing our kids lose clarity,
when they’re diagnosed with a mental illness we call purity.
Wake up, gain some humility,
and put aside the envy,
what other’s have is already yours,
it’s only us that seal up the doors,
because in essence all we have is true connection,
but every time we’ve trusted in it, we’ve undergone correction.

So we continue to swallow our truth,
and cover up our hearts,
but listen, we don’t need anymore proof,
the solution lays in the silence,
between the relentless sirens,
distracting us from waking up,
but enough is enough,
it starts with you and me,
the ability, to make each other happy,
to own our responsibility,
to ably respond to one another,
instead of weaving and ducking for cover.

Throw away your ‘identity,’
those things you feel you need to protect,
they’re the lies, blocking your clarity,
the things that bring us together,
the qualities of the human heart,
are NEVER the qualities that tear us a part.

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