LOVE OUTLOUD paperback

//LOVE OUTLOUD paperback

LOVE OUTLOUD paperback

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Love Out Loud [A Millennial’s Guide to Enlightenment] the paperback version, is Nicole Gibson’s highly anticipated debut book. After 7 years of working closely with over 250,000 individuals as a CEO, facilitator, speaker, and Commonwealth Commissioner, Nicole, now 25-years-old, has put her life’s work into a beautifully crafted book. Love Out Loud mixes personal narrative with new frames of thinking designed to take you on a journey to realise your humanity, interconnectedness, and the truth of your nature. The book is a Millennial’s take on emotional awareness and spiritual growth, helping you create your own map back to love.

The book takes you through 9 fundamental concepts guided by hard-hitting questions that will inspire introspection, connectivity and self-awareness. Broaden the horizons of your reality and begin your initiation into a different way of looking at truth and love, being reminded that compassion is the real key to our evolution.



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