Psychologists Need a Dose of REAL-ity

//Psychologists Need a Dose of REAL-ity

Psychologists Need a Dose of REAL-ity

I sat in a presentation a couple of weeks ago, listening to a leading psychologist. His opening premise was “there is no truth, only perception.” He stated it definitively – as if it were truth (oh the irony). I put up my hand and said; “I feel, although perception plays the predominant role in our lives, I have deep knowing that truth exists – it is nature.” He stood there perplexed for several seconds before replying; “what about when a species dies?” and I replied; “is that not a part of truth, the entropy and death, before the rebirth – the cycle that nature shows us flawlessly?” He replied; “we can talk about this later.”


I wasn’t meaning to make him feel pressured, or awkward, I was posing a legitimate question. In this moment I was welcomed into a new state of clarity; I pinpointed why I feel friction and opposition to psychology being the only modality of healing in mainstream health systems. Yes, it is important to understand the mind – the education and study I’ve done in understanding my own neural processes has improved my life significantly; understanding the elements of behavioural change and psycho-dynamics has been crucial in the journey to master myself. Having said this, I feel there is more to the story.


Through my journey of self-healing, aligning myself to truth (flow) has been instrumental in healing myself. Feeling where my incongruences are, what my ego mind tells me, versus my higher-knowing, has been one of the key factors in not only developing myself, but providing me a level of spiritualism to build the foundations of my value systems, and offer a greater meaning and purpose to my life. Nature is my God. The way creative metaphors are weaved in every nook of the natural world. The way water teaches us to be fully immersive, yet completely detached. The way trees remind us of what it is to be selfless. The way the sun teaches us unconditional love. The way flowers teach us there is no real death. The way the whole ecosystem teaches us flawless cooperation and harmony. The way thorns teach us survival. The way animals teach us non-judgment. I could write forever. Surely the poet in us all, sees this? Is prepared to acknowledge this? We have the ability to transcend perception – to find a collective middle ground, a surrender. To embrace the wholeness of the present moment together, and forfeit our beliefs and our perspectives – to find true peace, in the is-ness of it all.



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