Relationships are Everything

//Relationships are Everything

Relationships are Everything

During my tour through Spain and the U.K. I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and meeting, some exceptional individuals. People on the precipice of effectuating some of the biggest paradigms shifts the world has ever seen.

I used to be look at sideways when I told people that connection was more crucial than strategic development. Systems very much had the attitude “just get on with finding the solutions,” rather than taking the time to really understand and invest in their teams. Work was something you left at 5pm, along with the relationships associated. The shift in conversation has been striking throughout this trip. The awakening of the fact that compassion is the source of our evolution, rather than competition. That to work together is to achieve more; regardless of what the differences are in our belief systems and world views. That in fact, with enough personal understanding and regulation, we can learn to view others differences as an asset and a strength, when we’re secure enough in our own position

It amazes me what can be troubleshooted simply by well facilitated conversation. Arguablely almost every conflict comes down to miscommunication; because when you strip it back – as humans, we all want for the same things. We simply have different ways of expressing it. The greatest minds on the planet are measuring the true importance of connection; your action effects me, as my action effects you. Don’t miss the bandwagon – sharing is caring. Sending love out to you all!


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