The Love Out Loud Retreat

When: 13th – 16th June 2019
Where: Gymea Eco Retreat, Uki NSW

Dive deep into your psyche, and come on a journey of experiential facilitation designed to unleash the love inside of you and help you connect to your higher purpose.

Just an hours drive from the Gold Coast airport, the retreat will take place over 4 days at Gymea Eco Retreat, located in Uki at the base of MT Warning, on sacred land with a stunning landscape.

Online Course

Are you ready?

Somewhere between your 6th drink on a Friday night, or 6th Tinder date this month, the mundane evening ritual of watching The Bachelor, or 12th visit to the water cooler at work, you’ve realised that life could be a little more fulfilling. (hopefully). Maybe not. (Either way no judgment). But, maybe you’re so used to the way things are, you’re not even aware of how much better they can be.

A question that radically changed my life was this; “would you give up something good, for something incredible?” Mediocrity had always been a long-standing fear of mine; the idea of settling or becoming complacent and not really doing anything about it; was what constructed my nightmares – but this question put something into perspective for me – even when you have it good, it can always be better.

The idea of living a FUCK yes life. Are you living one?

When you wake up every day are you jumping out of bed screaming; “YEAH! Another day!”

Are you so filled with gratitude and excitement that there seems to be that sheen on everything you look at, or that notion of everything you’re touching turning to gold? Maybe you haven’t been told yet, so brace yourself;






There’s a brilliance and energy inside of you that is equipped to bring anything you wish to life; however you need to be able to see beyond the existing paradigm that restricts your vision. Through connecting to love, we become expansive. Through giving ourselves time to re-centre, balance and return to health, we are able to see life in a far more expansive light. We will achieve this together at the Love Out Loud retreat. With a team of remarkable practitioners, facilitators and collaborators, we are going to guide you each step of the way to break down the fears, limitations, restricted ideologies, dormant belief systems and fully activate your hearts intelligence. 

I cannot wait to see you there,

Nicole xo

What’s Explored

The retreat will provide you with 4 days and 3 nights to completely focus on your inner world.
There is a strong emphasis on embodiment work to ensure the content is integrated on a deep level, with a brilliant team of collaborators from ecstatic danceyoganaturopathyhypnotherapy and more.


  • Being the master of your emotions
  • Self love, self assurance and self confidence
  • Awareness of unconscious biases, judgement and prejudice holding you back from genuine, heart-centred connection
  • Awareness of negative belief systems, ideologies and limited stories holding you back from realising your potential
  • Increased self awareness
  • Increased emotional intelligence
  • Developed, improved and refined communication skills
  • The ability to process fears and traumas
  • An open heart to give and receive love freely
  • Theory that will be integrated and embodied
  • Positive physical, mental and spiritual health
  • Connection to a tribe, who are soul family
  • Perspective on your life and whether or not it’s truly serving you
  • A plan of action to make desired changes in your life
  • Rituals, techniques and practice to implement as desired in your everyday life to improve overall well being
  • Connection to the global Love Out Loud community
  • The ability to freely and unapologetically Love Out Loud!

Retreat Q&A

Payment Plan

$700x 3 payments

One-off Payment

$1980one-off payment


Nicole Gibson doesn’t just tell you to be the love you seek she gives you the guidelines to achieve it. Nicole has turned her personal struggles into her strengths defying death and diversity to bridge the gap left by most self help philosophies. Her transparency and vulnerability to share her challenges that lead to her breakthroughs will resonate with every reader. Her passion and purpose to heal a nation hurting and bring clarity to the mental health system is nothing short of courageous. Love Out Loud is your way back to love of self to love others.   

Kim McDonnel, Author of You Change, They Change ~ How To Take Control of Your Life by Losing Control Over Others.

I’ve found something very inspiring and solidifying in this work. A dear friend guaranteed me I would LOVE your book and she was SO right. You speak is my language. Literally, at least for the first half of the book, I was shedding tears of joy and resonance to your shared word. I’ve likened your book as my ‘new bible’, up there in terms of foundational books like A New Earth, The Power of Vulnerability and the mind-bending lectures of Alan Watts. I’ve encouraged ‘strongly (with love)’ to at least a dozen people to read your book. I’ll be buying as many as I can afford as gifts this Christmas. I want you to know your shared words in this book is having a reach beyond your wildest dreams. I vote YOU as our next PM.

Danielle Simone