Staring at the Clouds

//Staring at the Clouds

Staring at the Clouds

Today I walked into this rural school, similar to hundreds I’ve been to before. I immediately felt the beautiful vibe as the kids hi5’d me and the teachers explained how disengaged all the kids were and wished me “luck” with my presentation, with a snarky tone. As I was setting up my laptop I continued to joyously chat to my kids. I was working with the grade 8’s and 9’s. The first slide appeared on the overhead – one of my favourite images and quotes;

One of the boys who was sitting really close to me, said excitedly; “are you going to talk about imagination???” and I replied; “YES!” He said; “Oh, GOOD, Because I think I’ve lost my imagination…” I felt my heart cry, proceeding to ask why he felt that way. He said; “When I was younger, I used to look at the clouds and imagine that God was speaking to me through images – and now I don’t see anything but stupid clouds.” I asked the boy why he felt that way and he replied again saying; “Because I’m getting older I guess..” I said to the boy; “Hey, do you know when you practise something over time you get really good at it?” He assured me he could relate. So I said; “So, as you grow up, what if you just got better and better at imagining!” He smiled and laughed and said; “I really like your haircut.”

I shared my stories and secrets with my kids and showed them how in my life I’ve turned dreams into realities, negatives into positives, hate into gratitude, darkness into light and most importantly, how they could do the same. Their eyes glistened as I finished my presentation and they all came to give me a cuddle. They shared their dreams of singing, writing, becoming an astronaut and everything in between. As I walked back through their playground they shouted out thanks and exclaimed their excitement in their new found sense of belief. As I walked out of the school grounds, I saw my little pal laying on the grass and looking up at the clouds. I closed my eyes, took a breath in and thanked the greater powers for my life purpose and the opportunity to share it with the world.

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