Stop. Heart. Ask.

//Stop. Heart. Ask.

Stop. Heart. Ask.

You can’t get it right, can you? You pursue career, and your relationships seem to fail – you pursue your relationships and it seems that you get caught up in a whirlwind of emotions, turmoil, angst, resentment, romanticised ideas and hopes – and your career seems to be the time in between your next hit of the worst kind of chemical drug; love.

Stop thinking about it. Stop thinking about your future in terms of career or relationships. Start thinking about it in terms of who you want to be. What qualities and skills do you want to master? It’s funny – sometimes when I spend time by myself I can get lost in this incredible flow of creativity and present-ness. I can feel an all-consuming love. I can get lost in the waves of music that move through my body. I can feel totally connected and at peace; loved, infinite, majestic. Yet, other times, I feel disconnected – I feel lost, confused, sad, anxious, lonely. I can feel overwhelmed and confused by my future. Why? It all comes down to your focus. What are you focusing on? Are you focusing on the past and allowing it to create defining thoughts about your future? Are you looking to the future and becoming concerned that you’re not equipped with right what you need to create the picture you’d like to see?

I’ll tell you what – in every moment we have have everything. It’s up to our awareness to choose the experience we have. Do you want to focus on lack? Do you want to focus on what is missing, or what you did wrong (once upon a time) that you feel has moved you in the wrong direction? Stop thinking. Live. This moment is exactly what it is; and you have the ability to create it. Create it into anything you desire. It takes courage and belief; and yes this is difficult at times – especially when you’re feeling tested. But it’s not impossible. We’re taught to believe we can have this, OR that. But it’s purely those beliefs that define your reality. Believe you can have both. Focus on creating both. It’s possible (I’Mpossible).

Do the following;

1. STOP. Take a deep breath. Return to the moment. Let everything else be. All your memories, let them go just for a moment. Throw away your images of lack and connect to your true nature.

2. Draw your awareness to your heart. Take a moment to connect to your heart and remove yourself from the mind.

3. Ask yourself what it is you require in this moment. Whatever the answer may be, seek that. Focus on that. Provide yourSELF with that it’s asking for.

You have all the answers you will ever need. They’re inside of you; the world moves around YOU. You literally are the centre point of your universe. You are your only reference point. Your world is defined by your perceptions of it. Be what others call “unrealistic” – because, seriously, what the hell does it mean to be “realistic”? I define my reality – you define yours.

Love and light xo

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