STOP the Judgment

//STOP the Judgment

STOP the Judgment

Judgment. Something that plagues all of us. But perhaps not in the way most people think of when they first think of ‘judging someone’ – what I mean is, people often don’t allow for others choices. In this life, this ONE life we have been given, we are here to be creators, designers, sculptors. We are here to mold, and weave and build our existence through CHOICES that we are continually presented with. So many people don’t understand their full power, because so little of their choices are made for (or by them) – they are made by their parents, or their friends, or their enemies, or their loves – or, god forbid, the marketing companies, or the governments. The thing is, we have a SELF-REGULATING society – we don’t need a dictator because we are each other’s. We are so fear stricken in every decision we make, that the light is a dim glimmer in the very distance. Imagine if we all just allowed. Allowed each other to choose whatever was organic, whatever felt natural, whatever we desired for ourselves. This way we’d learn our own lessons, peacefully – without rebellion, or vengeance or resent. What is we didn’t have an expectation, not just of what a normal life would be, but how each other positioned themselves in our lives? What if our lovers, could become our friends, or our friends become our colleagues – all because it served the highest good and facilitated growth in one another. Humans so foolishly attempt to compartmentalize their lives. Unfortunately, this doesn’t exist. You can’t escape your personal life when you go to work, and you can’t escape your work when you’re at the gym. The process of integration will provide true integrity for you and allow you to see that we, as a population, need to allow for others to do what they desire. The gift in return, will be granted permission for you to explore the fullest potential of yourself.

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