Systems will Change Fuck All

//Systems will Change Fuck All

Systems will Change Fuck All

I really have fallen in love with the parts of myself that I know are insane. I used to grapple and stir over them, believing that they might have been the reason that “something was wrong with me.”

I sit around boardroom tables and watch the same conversations be tossed across the air, with billions of dollars being pushed in this direction, taken from another. It’s in these times I stop and think, why is one persons opinion, why is one persons point of view more worthy of that billion, than anothers?

I fucking hate systems. And you know why? Because systems are the most elaborate ploy ever. Systems not only act as this infamous excuse for every single person that works within them, they’re a brilliant disguise. There are no fucking systems. When we create infrastructure for economy – that money is going to, yep you guessed it; other people. Wow. What a revelation. People that mostly work in self interest and who’s centralised “WHY” is to protect their lavish lifestyle and their bullshit personas of authority and self-importance. We are the systems. And you know what? We need to up the anti.

I work in health. I am sick of another bandaid being put on an already infected wound. We need some anesthetic instead. We need to try something new, because the longer we try and address and infected wound by cover it up one more time, the faster that arm, or leg, is going to need to be amputated completely. I was thinking today as I sat in this meeting; mental health is not a stand alone problem. To me, mental health challenges are a symptom of an infected cultural narrative. A narrative that needs to be re-written – drastically. We have system upon system, lead by terrible role-models who have no discipline or integrity within themselves, telling everyone which way to go, even though the direction they’ve set for themselves isn’t really that effective. We’ve got rising rates of mental illness every year, whilst decision makers scratch their head and marvel as to why or how a system that’s already proven it’s ineffectiveness, continues to be ineffective.

I have an entirely different perspective to share; what if none of this about our system? What if this is actually a matter of personal responsibility? What if each of us need to ask ourselves what WE need in order to progress forward in our lives, instead of constantly wanting our problems to be solved for us, or constantly expecting to be “saved”. The apathy around asking these questions to yourself doesn’t make you vulnerable, this actually makes you a liability. And it’s time to shift our thought-leadership. What we actually need to shift is a collective thought stream. How do we do that? We achieve that through influence. We need to find a way to encourage open-mindedness to a collective of people, so that the shift may happen on the ground – because I’ll tell you what, no amount of bureaucratic changes will actually influence a change of behaviour on the ground, unless an individual is willing.

We have so many minorities; the eating disordered, the borderline personality disordered, the LGBTIQ community… etc etc. And friends, we do not need more committees fighting for justice around these minorities – we need holistic education around respect, tolerance, inclusivity and peace. This is the long-term, real solution. Building infrastructures that allow each INDIVIDUAL to express themselves, no matter who they are or what they stand for. This is the solution, not more systems – not more arguments around which side is the right side. Put it this way; it doesn’t matter if you’re heads or tales, you’re both apart of the same coin.

The reasons I’ve begun to love my own insanity, is because I now have come to the conclusion that even if I tried, I will never be able to fall into the ludicrousness of mainstream thinking. My mind and my creativity will never allow my spirit to be dulled in a narrow worldview. I was forced to that place due to my vivid imagination and high levels of creativity – and I will forever be thankful for that, because not only can I think outside the box – but I can actually see that there was no fucking box to begin with. For those of you that weren’t blessed/cursed (depends how you want to look at it), with that – I encourage you to do things differently, because look at all those that choose to be the same and ask yourself; “have they found true happiness?”.

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