The Defining Moments

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The Defining Moments

Surely most of us have memories that feel so incredibly real that it’s almost as if, when you close your eyes, you’re right back in that moment. Those memories that were created when fear was left miles away from that moment. Those moments that your heart was wide open because, for that brief moment, you forgot to put up your guards. The REAL moments. The moments that even the memory of them makes the hairs on your neck stand and your heart beat faster. I think to make more of these memories, we need to learn to keep our hearts wide open – even when we have every reason to build walls around them.

I think back to these moments in my life and feel overwhelmed. It’s not an every day occurrence memories like those are made – but WHY is that? These are the moments that define you. The moments when the blood rushes from your head, or your heart beats out of your chest, or your hands shake, or your speech become stuttered. Don’t fear these moments, live for them. The moments that are almost impossible for your physical body to endure.

At the end of the day, life is filled with varying experiences. Thinking of the amount of times I’ve changed; my style, my viewpoints, my moods and emotions, my preference of self expression and art, my relationships – all of these will impact how we perceive our world. BUT – don’t be attached to any of these things, instead – allow your SELF to DE-identify with these things and seek the moments that bring you the most JOY, and heck – even the ones that make you the most nervous. Irrespective of the outcomes. I think a lot of people have forgotten that on their pursuit of happiness, true happiness comes from being open and allowing life to happen – and not fearing the pain that might be endured, or the “failure” that might occur. The pain you feel is a direct contrast of the happiness you can feel.

The balance will always exist – the question is; what will you choose to focus on? The feeling you had when you had your first kiss, or on your first day of work, is accessible all the time – but how willing are you to strip back?

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