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Love Out Loud

A Guide To Enlightenment 


Love Out Loud [A Millennial’s Guide to Enlightenment] the paperback version, is Nicole Gibson’s highly anticipated debut book. After 7 years of working closely with over 250,000 individuals as a CEO, facilitator, speaker, and Commonwealth Commissioner, Nicole, now 25-years-old, has put her life’s work into a beautifully crafted book. Love Out Loud mixes personal narrative with new frames of thinking designed to take you on a journey to realise your humanity, interconnectedness, and the truth of your nature. The book is a Millennial’s take on emotional awareness and spiritual growth, helping you create your own map back to love.

The book takes you through 9 fundamental concepts guided by hard-hitting questions that will inspire introspection, connectivity and self-awareness. Broaden the horizons of your reality and begin your initiation into a different way of looking at truth and love, being reminded that compassion is the real key to our evolution.


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In her book “Love Out Loud,” Nicole Gibson doesn’t just tell you to be the love you seek she gives you the guidelines to achieve it. Nicole has turned her personal struggles into her strengths defying death and diversity to bridge the gap left by most self help books. Her transparency and vulnerability to share her challenges that lead to her breakthroughs will resonate with every reader. Her passion and purpose to heal a nation hurting and bring clarity to the mental health system is nothing short of courageous. Love Out Loud is your way back to love of self to love others.   

Kim McDonnel, Author of You Change, They Change ~ How To Take Control of Your Life by Losing Control Over Others.

I’ve found something very inspiring and solidifying in yourself and work. A dear friend guaranteed me I would LOVE your book and she was SO right. Your book is my language. Literally, at least for the first half of the book, I was shedding tears of joy and resonance to your shared word. I’ve likened your book as my ‘new bible’, up there in terms of foundational books like A New Earth, The Power of Vulnerability and the mind-bending lectures of Alan Watts. I’ve encouraged ‘strongly (with love)’ to at least a dozen people to read your book. I’ll be buying as many as I can afford as gifts this Christmas. I want you to know your shared words in this book is having a reach beyond your wildest dreams. I vote YOU as our next PM.

Danielle Simone