The Perfect Integration

//The Perfect Integration

The Perfect Integration

Flying out to Barcldine, the plane is smaller than most domestic planes – so you stay lower. As I was flying just above the clouds – I saw the reflection of the plane in the clouds water vapor, surrounded by a perfect full-circle rainbow.

In that moment, I profoundly realized that our whole existence literally is just energy; light and sound operating at different frequencies. We’re just energy inter-mingling, bouncing off of each other.

So what is YOUR vibration? How do you impact other people’s vibration? The beauty of our existence is free will; meaning we are in control of our choices (energy exchanges). We have the beautiful gift and ability to make people feel uplifted, loved, accepted and supported purely by the energy we choose to embody. Are you coming from a place of love or fear? Be conscious of this; aim to match the frequency of the natural world; when you align yourself with this frequency you enter ‘flow’. In flow, suffering begins to disappear. No external factors will impact you; you will become an OBSERVER rather than becoming entangled within situations or being stuck in one part of your being (whether is be your mind, your emotional body or your physical body).  In order to BE, rather than continually project forward, you must realize the reasons you are looking ahead (or dwelling). It is in search of contentment. If you were to awaken to your true nature, you would begin to see we have access to an undying (abundant) bliss. Be aware of how you feel when you’re in a natural environment, nourished by our beautiful planet, and attempt to match this in all aspects of life. This may manifest in your actions towards others, your self-love practice, your food and exercise, feeding your mind with productive and stimulating research and knowledge. It’s less about the actual experience, and more about the frequency of the experience. For me, I may get this feeling when I’m in the ocean – for someone else, it may be whilst cooking. Either way, we all have the ability to tap into it. We are always protected, loved and looked after beyond what our mind can digest. When you ask, this will be shown to you.

I absolutely love being in the outback <3

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