The Unspoken Life of an Undercover Healer

//The Unspoken Life of an Undercover Healer

The Unspoken Life of an Undercover Healer

What do you think of when you hear the term “healer”? Do you think of a new-age consciousness guru, self-proclaiming their abilities gifted by the universe? Or Kundalini energy treatments on the floor of a TeePee? I want to help you redefine your opinions and brush off your scepticism.

I am a healer. I’m also a CEO, a Commonwealth Commissioner, a multi-award wining social entrepreneur. and I’m 22. Never would I normally include “healer” in my job title, or my 30 second elevator pitch – in fact, not even my closest friends or family would likely refer to me as a healer – but, I am. Being a healer is my unpaid, high-demanding, unrecognised, full-time job. The universe is my employer, and it doesn’t really understand holiday leave, or the importance of leaving your work at the desk after 5pm. It’s expectations are that I’m always on and always ready. As someone self-employed, it can often be a tough one to accept and surrender to – especially considering I never chose the job in the first place – it chose me.

Since I can remember, I was that person that people would come to – the advisor, the consoler, the voice of reason and higher perspective. As a kid I was just told; “it’s because you’re too soft” (whatever that means). ¬† Then, as I entered my adult years I started to recognise the fact that people double, if not triple my age would come to me seeking answers and solutions. I never thought twice about this; always willing and ready to offer my most precious commodity (time), to whoever needed it most. People my age, especially uni and high school friends thought it was strange that a lot of the people I spent time with were either significantly older, or significantly younger than myself (usually at times in their life when they were pondering important and life-changing questions, and undergoing significant transformations). Being a healer has also lead me on unexplainable and completely random adventures, to parts of my country that not many people will ever travel. This is because healers hold a certain frequency. For me, this has translated from boardrooms in parliament, to sleeping in tents in the desert. Quite often I haven’t understood why I’m being called somewhere, until I’m there. This takes an unimaginable amount of faith, trust and surrender.

People never really made sense to me – I’ve always seen the world in a very different way to most, and when presented with a problem it’s often quite easy for me to understand the road to a solution. This means my mind is on 24/7 – but rarely would you know this whilst spending time with me. A healing holds space at all times. I find the majority of the people who have high (and often unjustified) demands of me, are the ones that I’m being called to practice the most patience and gentleness with. I can see where they are heading and what my role in their life is. Quite often when these people find their way, and after a significant amount of investment, love and time on my behalf, they walk away from our friendship. This is how it works; not many people will be in your life forever. There’s a part of this pattern, although I’ve come to accept it, that hurts. Losing people once they’re strong and no longer have a need for you. Rarely is this conscious – the other person will usually justify it in their mind as “life went it different directions, we got busy etc etc” – and that’s completely fine, but really – it was because my presence in their life was to heal them, and once they’re healed, they’re free to move on.

I wanted to write this blog not to boast of my healing abilities – but to recognise the other healers in my life. I see you, and I honour you. I honour the humility it requires to continuously give to those who need love and healing; even when they’re not aware of what it is they’re taking from you. If you’re an empath, or a highly sensitive person, being around others pain causes you pain also. And it’s through taking that pain ON, you can transmute and heal it within yourself- ¬†leaving the other person healed too. This is a full-time job and something that if you’re a healer, you will not have a choice over. It’s a full time responsibility.

So for the healers out there – and the healers who have healed me, at times when I’ve been aware and ungrateful. I want to say thank you. Your service and light change and transform the world into the one I want to see. X

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  1. *~Heather*~ September 26, 2015 at 10:23 pm - Reply

    Thank you for sharing this, I totally identify with this! Sending Love

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