This Fire

//This Fire

This Fire

Not even the ocean could extinguish this fire,
As the fire continues to create a barrier between me and you,
Propelling me towards you, but searing my skin,
And it’s relentless force rises instead of fading,
With no brigade to come, you can no longer hear my calls.

I need an ocean to put it all out,
I need an ocean to settle the chaos,
Because the fire is burning me down,
And I can’t fight another day –
I need the ocean to wash me away.

How will change ever come, if there’s smoke in our eyes?
We can’t see beyond the flames, to see the greener grass,
Waiting with open hands; peace and serenity.
But maybe I can’t get there because I was born for the intensity,
I’m drawn to the flames, and having it all burn down.

There’s regrets and pain in my soul,
And I’ve tried it all; going within and going without,
But maybe it’s not meant to be cured –
Maybe the best I can do is accept it and let it burn me,
And be the ocean, amidst the fire,
And hope that one day my tides, will bring you to me.

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