What If It Were Actually About Being Completely… Ordinary?

//What If It Were Actually About Being Completely… Ordinary?

What If It Were Actually About Being Completely… Ordinary?

Before I left Australia, I spoke at a beautiful festival in Mullumbimby. It’s not often in my job I get to spend three whole days speaking and running workshops with no shoes on, being reminded to take a moment of deep listening (silence) on the hour, every hour,  and to be completely immersed in a genuine collaborative community…with egos at bay. The moment that struck me most at this festival, however, was not any of this, per say – but rather, what the reminder to listen deeply brought my awareness to. I was laying on the grass during one of the minutes of silence, and took a significant breath in and out. I put my head to the side to cover my eyes from the sun, and looked across the area where hundreds of people were picnic-ing. A moment of beauty struck me so much, in all of it’s simplicity and I suppose you could say… ordinariness. It was a mother playing with what looked like her one year old son. She looked so at peace. She wasn’t trying to control him, or ‘parent’ him; she was remarkably as present as him. They shared this bliss. Her son, as young as he was, carried a sense of strength. Complete independence. They shared such a synergy. I was drawn to watch it,  because it’s a similar synergy to the one my partner and I share. A oneness within our separateness. It’s rare to see. No power struggle, no need for control. It’s bliss. Out of all the beauty I witnessed over that festival, this was the moment that remained in my minds eye, and brought a meditators smile to my inner-world.

For those of you who were wondering what I’m doing in Estonia; I’ve been participating in a pop-up University called Mindvalley University, which brings 800 change makers across the world together to co-learn and co-design. I love these sorts of environments; they pour fuel on my fire. Just often not in the same way…they pour fuel on other people’s fire. These environments can often bring together many people who are searching…. searching for answers, searching for new questions, searching for a new sense of belonging or purpose, searching for recognition. Yet, it’s in these spaces that the speakers will repeat, time and time again, the answer is within presence. Sometimes that feels embodied, often it doesn’t. Perhaps that’s just a projection of my own judgment. Nevertheless, the reason that this ignites me… fuels my fire… is because I love to observe. I observe my peers, the facilitators, the organisers, the celebrity speakers so intensely. In such a space where oneness and consciousness is promoted as the leading edge, it often feels to create segregation. Connections birthed from ” I should be open ” or FOMO, rather than a magnetism,  or the experience of a genuine pull.

One of the speakers, Sri Sri, a long time hero of mine (a remarkable spiritual teacher who’s dedicated his whole life to peace and conflict resolution in some of the most war-stricken parts of the world), said something that resonated in the deepest part of my soul. He was one of the only speakers that made me feel a unity. A remembrance of all that I am. A deep reverence to the perfection that exist in each moment; rather than encouraging me to write another list of “what must be considered when embarking on the journey of personal growth.” I say this with no judgment and no malice; for everyone’s voice is of value and a single perspective  in the vast web of the human family. Myself included of course. Sri Sri said, when asked “how do we love the world best?”, to be “very, very ordinary.” And instantaneously, my heart humbled. I was cracked open. I meditated on this, and continue to do so. Ordinariness… the realise that the simple gift of this life, is already the most profound miracle. That the greatest reverse in to rest in your completion. To surrender. To seek or fix no more.

I guess in my words… to simple Love. And when I say Love Out Loud; I must note, I do not mean to Love ‘Loudly’- I mean, to simply dare to BE the love that you are. And no more. Because whatever is created from this vibration, from this frequency – is the music of our entire family. It is humanity speaking through you. It is the wisdom of all that is. And this our the medicine.

So.. irrespective of my blessings to be exposed to some of the best leading thinkers, innovators, experts – I am brought back to this ever-present, ever-lasting truth, that our ordinariness is our bliss. That a mother playing with her child; embracing her child’s gift of enthralling wholeness, is the greatest form of enlightenment available to us.


Blessings sweet brothers and sisters <3

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