//YOU! Are the CHOOSER.


Embarking on any adventure takes a certain level of ‘now’; and considering that living in the present has always been a fairly natural place for me to be, I often wondered why people get in their own way so much. Why can’t we just allow things to be easy? Creating our moments can be so effortless, if we just allow. Yet we seem to complicate things so insufferably. What are the programs that run around and around in our minds, never seeming to tire? Making is so difficult to remain here, right now.

Our mind is a computer program; and without an occasional clean up, or defrag, we tend to become overwhelmed and overloaded. So many of us fail to recognise the true functionality of the mind. Our mind is here to interpret, separate, compare and compute so that we may navigate this humanly experience as a separate entity, as an individual. This means, however, that every interpretation is just an interpretation; a filter. It has no objective truth, simply just the meaning we paint onto it. When you really begin to understand this, what you can also begin understanding is that we can choose what information we keep, and what information we delete; simply put, we can choose where we put our attention and focus. Where we choose to put our focus is what will determine our experience of the world, and of ourselves. This is entirely changeable, in each and every moment. You are CHOOSING, you are the chooser. What emotions are you choosing to experience? What circumstances are you choosing to participate in? You are so powerful and you may not even realise it; and that’s okay – because the inevitability of your existence, is to remember how powerful you truly are; what you truly are. Wholeness. Consciousness. All things and nothing.

Now, how do we move closer to understanding our nature? The mind is not who we are, the mind is the processor to give us an experience (in a lot of ways) of what we are not. We are not separate. If you want to feel your completeness, connect with your heart. Breathe. Breathe so deeply that you begin to feel your expansiveness. Be still, even just for a second. Stillness is the most underrated healer ever known. How often do we say to each other when dealing with pain; “you just have to keep moving.” Yes, functionality is important; yet it is equally as important to be still, to feel. If we become brave enough to truly feel, we begin to see that every experience we have is impermanent. And here lies the beauty; that nothing is forever, all we ever truly have is right now. In knowing this; how open are you to the now? To fully opening up to this exact moment. To feeling everything that it is? If you’re not fully here, not fully present; why? What has a hold on you? What within your mind is fixated on your memories, or your assumption of the future? This is all choice. I dare you to live, fully. I dare you to wake up fully. I dare you to share this moment with me, fully and completely. This is your nature. This is as good as it gets, this is everything.

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