You Don’t Have To Try

//You Don’t Have To Try

You Don’t Have To Try

You don’t have to try.

Yes, you read that right.

In fact, if you’re trying you are most definitely not being. And what you’re trying for will inevitably become further…. and further………….. and further…….





I’ve been going through a lot of shifts and changes in the direction of my business lately; expensive mentorship, negotiating with future investors, writing a second book, designing new retreats, trying for the life of me to see and visualise how it’s all meant to look in six months – you get the picture. And… it’s a lot. The business driven side of me gets excited and stimulated, and sometimes even scared and anxious and uncertain. The side of me that seeks masculine assertion, growth, development, to do.

Then there’s the other side of me. The wisdom. The feminine intuition, the strong, warrior like, nurturing, bold, subtle, magnificent aspect of my spirit that seeks for nothing more than what already is. The understanding that I can never be at a loss, that failure is a misguided concept fed and fuelled by the egos sense of expectation, the voice that reminds me of my enough-ness and gently nudges me to never abandon my softness or my creativity. She feels so good, so much like the home I long for, so much like the coach I always wanted and the mentor I always sought out. The moment’s when I drop it all, and be fully present with her, it suddenly and miraculously all makes sense. I don’t have to try. I already am.

It’s the hardest thing to remember this; in amongst the plethora of reminders and loud ‘in-ya-face’ energies that are teaching you to worry, to stress, to criticise, to analyse, to compare. To be one with your feminine guidance. To remember that you are the mother of all of your experience; the creator. Just like the moon, she doesn’t need to be loud in it’s light to control all the tides and the fertility of the earth. She does it so effortlessly.

Return to your centre, and begin again. Start by daydreaming, allow the free-flowing creative energy that you are to help you transcend any traces of limitation or limiting belief systems blinding you from seeing that your daydreams are step one of your reality. Let your mind roam and wander freely. Your lack of imagination, driven and crippled by the painstakingly difficult question “what if it’s too good to be true?” is the very reason you will be robbed from seeing yourself as the powerful creator of your dreams.

There’s a lot of noise. With each year you age, it’s as if the static is turned up, and the predecessors turn back to check if you’ve been effected too; because those that manage to find the silence, in amongst all of that, are the biggest threat of all. They highlight, prove and shine the possibility that’s available to all of us, yet so many let pass them by.

Don’t allow all the static, the doer inside of you, the servant (mind) become your dictators. You are the only one that can step into your light and power, and command the world beyond you. You are the only one that can gather the reigns of your focus on steer it in another direction. I tell you this, as a reminder to myself. No matter how loud the world beyond you may seem, or how well it feeds the insecurities of the mind, you are complete creative potentiality; a force to be reckoned with, unlimited possibility waiting to be birthed in the direction of your wildest, most elaborate, remarkable dreams.

Freedom awaits only for the insane.

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  1. Brandon Clift August 18, 2018 at 4:59 am - Reply

    I resonate with this message deeply Nicole.

    I have battled between the “do” and the “be” for the majority of my life and find myself tipping the scales far too strongly in the wrong direction.

    Daily routines and practices help keep the train on the tracks and mentors have helped me in many ways to find ways in which to acquire satisfaction through “doing” less.

    But still, like all bad habits, it is taking time, discipline and isn’t too uncommon an experience like when I first learned to parallel park.

    The journey continues. Thank you for this beautiful reminder to keep centered and trust in the process.

    Much love


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