You’ve Got It All Wrong!

//You’ve Got It All Wrong!

You’ve Got It All Wrong!

You’ve got it all wrong.

See, you’ve been taught since you can remember that lying is easier than telling the truth. You’ve been told that hiding your feelings is the only way to protect yourself. You’ve been taught that closing down is less painful than opening up. You’ve been taught that running away is a true escape. You’ve been taught that blaming someone else shifts the responsibility. You’ve been taught this whether directly or indirectly – because so few people are the fullest expression of themselves; most role models are tangled in their own fears – that whether we know it or not, we accept this as the way it should be. Not until we find those role models who are completely authentic, do we see our possibility mirrored back at us. Please, look to the Mandela’s of the world, or the Gandhi’s, or the Einstein’s as your role models. The truth tellers. The truth seekers. Those who truly whole-heartedly dedicated themselves to the greater cause. Not the celebrities that rely on you being asleep to continue to profit their unnecessary lifestyles. It’s time to wake up. We’ve seen our POSSIBILITY through the greats that have walked our planet. Strive for this.

EVERYTHING that is short of your potential, is an illusion – is a procrastination from the (YOUR) truth. TRUTH is the highest frequency you can actually operate from. It is your TRUE state of being (how funny?). It’s not something to fear, it’s something to embrace. A friend once told me his father told him when he was little; “truth is an armour – my dad told me that he would love me no matter what, and would always protect me, but if i lied… he couldn’t protect me, because he wouldn’t know who he was protecting.”

You are loved. But if you refuse to be you, how can you draw love into your life? The hate will fade away when you embrace all that you are. When you stand strong in everything you are. When you start to BE love; not fight for it, not strive for it; simply BE it, nothing else can penetrate your field. You become invincible. From here, you will find your true life purpose and create greatness, effortlessly.

Another friend once told me that life didn’t need to be hard. I was someone that always thought hard work was the only way to success. This was my reality merely because I believed it to be. When I accepted that I was deserving of self-love, compassion and a lifestyle that was nourishing to me, the planet and those around me – nothing was hard and I became a lot more constructive.

What you have been taught is not true. There is one truth. This truth is indisputable. Only love. Only love exists – so let go of everything other than this. Let go of the anger, the frustration, the fear, the sadness, the pain – look at it in the eyes and tell it you don’t want it anymore. Choose love. Don’t overcomplicate your life. There aren’t the million decisions you believe there is; there’s two choices – fear or love. Consult your heart. It’s more intelligent than your brain. From this space status doesn’t matter, nor does ‘success’, power, money, momentary pleasure. You create a deeper existence for yourself, and only this will fill the void you’ve been told is due to a “lack” of things. NO. You are everything. You are whole.


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